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James uit Utrecht is geslaagd bij MotoJon Motorrijschool
I started taking motorcycle lessons with MotoJon in summer, and several months later, I passed the final exam to get my motorcycle license. It has been a challenging but fun process!

Jon and the team are outstanding teachers, who will teach you everything starting from the very basics if needed (I had never ridden a motorcycle before), right through to gaining all the skills and awareness you need to become a confident and competent rider. They will always keep challenging you to improve, in a way that is always focused on your own development. When you make mistakes, they will keep you moving forward, always with an eye to the final goal of making you a strong motorcycle rider. The atmosphere of the school is friendly, including all the students, and I quickly felt welcome.

As a non-Dutch student, I would especially recommend the school for international people. It is one of the few places available in the region that is willing to teach in English, and is able to advise you in the right way to move through the process (e.g. for your exams). Perhaps most importantly for international people, Jon will help to train you to think like a Dutch road user, not only understanding the technical rules, but also the practices and culture of driving here in The Netherlands, which can differ compared to other countries.

Overall, I would highly recommend you to take lessons at MotoJon!

All the best,

James Patterson

Slagingspercentage van 96% bij MotoJon Motorrijschool 1e examens verkeersdeelname van 01-01-2018 t/m 31-12-2019, 185 examens
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