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Alex uit Hilversum is geslaagd bij MotoJon Motorrijschool
"I'm the kind of person who has always been passionate about anything and everything with wheels. I couldn't wait until I was 18 years old to be able to grab my driving license, and I can honestly say that after almost 20 years of everyday driving, I'm still enjoying it. Naturally, I always coveted driving a motorcycle, but where I'm from, it's not the safest thing to desire to add to your bucket list. So I shoved that thought deep in the back of my mind, and in time I can say I almost forgot about it.

It was after I moved to the Netherlands that I allowed myself to start reconsidering. Like most men, I'm pretty comfortable, so finding Jon's riding school was one of the most random things ever. Basically, I chose this particular school just because it was very close to my house. And with that being said, I don't think I could have made a better choice.

I vividly remember the upset and frustration I was feeling at the beginning of my lessons because, let's be honest, I sucked big time. It came as a massive surprise to me because, as I told you, I love everything with wheels, and I thought that riding a motorbike shouldn't be that far from driving a car or riding a bike.

From my side, it took a lot of time and letting go to actually get comfortable with riding. Still, Jon required a lot of patience, understanding, explaining, and re-iterating what has been demonstrated 10 times before. Jon did a fantastic job reassuring me when I was insecure and trusted me to positively approach all my classes and future exams.

Fast forward to 9 months later, I am the happy owner of a motorbike driving license, and I'm currently in the process of purchasing my 1st motorbike. 9 months might sound like a long time coming, but considering the current global situation and having to go through multiple lockdowns, I believe this is a significant milestone.
Wish me luck, and make sure to check out Jon's riding school! Cannot recommend it enough!"

Thank you again for everything and I'll make sure to visit you once I'll get my motorbike.


Alex Danescu
Thanks for the Single Malt, Alex!


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