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Patrick uit Hilversum is geslaagd bij MotoJon Motorrijschool
As a non-Dutch speaking Asian with a huge different driving culture mindset, how to get "A" motor license from NL, one of the hardest countries in the world?

Big thanks to MotoJon's professional, coaching skills, precise instruction with detailed explanation (nice drawing on the floor by stone)! Those efforts make language/culture barrier cannot be an excuse anymore.

Through this learning journey, I gained far beyond a driving license, and mostly, widen my view of angle to scrutiny my every single blind spot both physically and mentally. Redefine the priority of safety which I believe I have done very well previously. This awareness pushes me improving my riding skills continuously to be a safe rider after school!

Definitely cannot forget the moment, during riding when radio said "Patrick, I really don't understand why you did such a strange behaviour. Please explain to me later..."

Also, miss the review session talking about intolerable danger movements at garage with rock&roll background music!

Jon, Arno, and Marianne!
You are doing life saving job, before riders got into troubles. Well done and please continue so! All the best MotoJon!

Patrick Wu
Patrick, you are the only person I know from Taiwan.

I don't need to know the rest, as I'm sure that I've met the most amazing and special Taiwanese person that this country has ever produced.
You passed the motorbike theory in the Dutch language! And in one effort! Even born-and-bred Dutch people have trouble passing this.
You are the CHAMP!

And also a good rider now. That too..


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