Geslaagd: Rafał (33 jaar)

Rafał (uit Hilversum) is geslaagd bij MotoJon Motorrijles!

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Rafał uit Hilversum is geslaagd bij MotoJon Motorrijschool
"It started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... ehhmm, I mean, I don't really know when my fascination of two wheels really started, maybe when my father told me some stories about his bikes, which was sold years before I was born.

Anyway, when I was teenager I have opportunity to buy some cheap, old, damaged, rusty and pretty slow motorbike, so I did it. After repairing this bike myself - except jumping out the highest third gear:), I spend lots of time driving off-roads only and I knew it, I'll make driving license for sure when it will be possible. But then first I made car license and motors goes temporally to second place. Till now, when finally I back to my old dreams and I started to search some driving school which simply brought me to MotoJon.

First lessons wasn't easiest, especially when I had to get used to using front brake which I never had before:).
But after while it goes better and easier, of course thanks to Jons advises, his patience and calmness.

Then came time for exams, which, despite a slight stress, went quite smoothly and finally I could be another happy biker on the roads with mosquitoes in my teeth because I'm big fan of open helmet, slow driving chopper bikes style."

Bedankt Jon!

Rafał Krogulec
Slagingspercentage verkeersdeelname in 2024 (28 examens)

Slagingspercentage verkeersdeelname in 2023 (109 examens)

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