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Keren (uit Amsterdam) is geslaagd bij MotoJon Motorrijles!

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Keren uit Amsterdam is geslaagd bij MotoJon Motorrijschool
Getting a motorcycle was a long dream of mine. As a foreigner living in the Netherlands, finding a teacher who can help fulfilling this dream in English wasn't easy but I was lucky to be introduced to Jon. I found a great teacher, patient and relaxed, who is able to combine between teaching you the needed technique & getting you out there and just ride. Jon will show you the basics while giving you the insight of how you should conduct yourself as motorcycle rider (ask him about Switzerland, hot Coco and parking the motor). He is always happy to help beyond the learning sessions if you have questions/inquiries and give you extra tips. And of course all in English... I passed my exam in one go, thanks to his teaching. Good Luck!

Keren Hirsch
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